Friday, August 8, 2008

The smoke that thunders!

Better known as Victoria Falls.

How I got there is another long story. While in Zimbabwe, I hooked up with Kiwi, Peter "Thinking-all-the-time" Johnson. He had transport (a bakkie), camping equipment, and needed someone to share the costs with. We spent a few turbulent days in Hwange National Park and drove to Vic Falls for a day.

What a breathtaking sight! This is the falls that Tarzan-of-my-younger-days jumped from. We came right after the wet season and the level of water was high. The mist drenched us. After visiting on the Zimbabwe side, we decided to be thorough and visit the Falls on the Zambian side. This is where this picture was taken. The mist was so, that kids were using it to slide along the bridge. I decided to try it out. Unfortunately for me, I "hit" a dry patch and fell .( on the bridge, not down the falls...) I wobbled for a few days after that. I like to say that I acquired an "african" toe nail!
This is one of my most popular photos and is for sale. Please ask me for details.


windblownbutterfly said...

Eleni, thank you for visiting my blog. I'm sorry it took me so long to reply to you! Peter sent me the link to your pictures a long time ago, maybe a year or more. I LOVED them! This picture of the children on the bridge was the one that jumped out at me when I first saw it and it has always been in my memory since then. Wonderful picture!

Eleni said...

And thank you Susan for the compliments.
Yes this pic is really popular.

Peter J said...

Turbulent days in Hwange? Just because we got stuck in mud a few times, one where I had to leave you in the car in the middle of lion country while I bravely went for help armed only with a swiss army knife, and we were stalked by a rogue elephant, and I got my passport confiscated for flouting park rules..... and you call that turbulent? That's just an average week for me, you need to harden up, girl!
Peter J

Eleni said...

I had 4gotten about the lion country part with ur swiss army knife!
The passport confiscating was just plain hilarious! It still makes me laugh. The rogue elephant? I remember me telling u 2 wait so I could take a good pic and u just backing away so fast! And I've got 2 harden up? Ah, those were fun time!

peter j said...

The elephant was going to KILL us! Anyway I got my photo of him, saw it when I was cataloguing my photos the other month, and remembered how I saved our lives. Again.

Eleni said...

LOL! Kill us? He was just "playing", a mocked charge they say? Admit it that you were just plain a wet cat!
You are sooo funny!
The lion country thing, now that was scary.