Monday, July 21, 2008

The sea....

The first time I saw the sea, I was 11 or 12 yo. It was actually the Gulf of Mexico in Florida. Although we went to Disneyland, I was totally mesmerized by the sea. It made such an impact on me that, upon my return, at school we had to write a poem on anything we liked. I choose to write mine about the sea. What can I say? It calms me, make me feel like I can do anything I want. It erases the limits I put on myself. Although I had the misfortune of not being born by a coast, I need it in my life. Without it, I shrivel up.

This picture was taken in my favorite Irish village, Doolin, in my favorite county, Clare on a cold January day of 2000.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It was Mélodie's BD party 2day!

Mélodie is my 3 y.o. Godaugther. Her B'day is actually on the 15th but since it's the middle of the week and her parents r in the middle of moving house.....She had so many gifts that she kept asking if it was hers 4 every single one! Too cute! She's only 3 but looks like she's 4 or 5, she's so tall....but I guess that's her parents fault cos they r both so tall! About 2 go make the icing and decorate my mom's BD cake 4 tomorrow. On Friday, my brother turns 33 yo! little brother who I've changed his diapers, helped him eat and so on! He's turning 33! He has 2 kids! I'm including a pix of Mélodie's BD, this year was all about Dora, the explorator. Since I don't have a digital cam, I used my brother's pic taken with his digi cam!....

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My very first post ever!

Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare, Ireland

I'm new here so I thought I would start out with answering a little questionnaire.

Here it goes:

  • Initially I wanted to air stewardess.

  • My favorite music is... reggae.

  • My favorite movie is...Pulp Fiction.

  • My favorite TV shows are...Alf, Weeds and Spaced.

  • My favorite food is...Caribbean food like buljol with coconut bake.

  • I am most irritated by.....waiting for ages in the wrong queue.

  • A current major influence is...Sebastiao Delgado. ( a documentary photog)

  • For me, an influential thinker of the past was....Ghandi.

  • I get the greatest pleasure from...dark chocolate!

  • I am most uncomfortable clothes are wet.

  • My biggest phobia is...spiders.

  • The trait is most dislike about myself is...I'm way too sensitive.

  • The trait I most dislike in others is....lack of respect.

  • My best feature be able to make others laugh.

  • I wish I

  • My greatest regret is...I don't have regrets. What is done is done and I must make the most of what is out there.

  • My fondest memory is....Christmas in the Rainbow hostel in Doolin, co. Clare, Ireland.

  • If reincarnated I would choose to return as ...a pampered cat.

  • My most treasured possessions my head.

  • My favorite country to live in is...The Fiji Islands, without a doubt.

  • The quality I most like in a man is....a good sense of humour and adventure.

  • The purpose of life is...who knows?