Friday, September 5, 2008

My first castle ever!

It was on my first trip to Europe that I encountered my first castle: the Dover castle in England.

I arrived in England by boat. My first view was of the white cliffs of Dover. I remember a man (bloke) gave me a lift from the pier to the town and he had a good laugh when I wanted to get in the car on the wrong side. I had forgotten that in England, everything was on "the other side".

I was staying in a B&B and when I asked how far is the castle from here, I was told : "Not far, about 400 yards.". ???? 400 yards? To me of the metric system, it sounded very far but it took me only 15 minutes walk to get there.

To make the event even more special, I happened to go when it was reenactment day. There was all these men with swords in mocking fights and inside the castle, I encountered women in period dresses.

For a North American, it was a big deal.


KayEllen said...

Hi Eleni!
Thankyou for stopping by!!!
Your blog is lovely:)So nice to meet you.
You were asking if I like purple?..well being an interior designer..I like it ALL!!!I enjoy helping others with there color scheme but sometimes it can be a problem in my home trying to decide on color:)
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Eleni said...

Thanks is also a very nice color.....