Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Charlotteville, T&T

On my first visit to Trinidad and Tobago (T&T), I wound up in this charming fishing village at the end of Tobago island .

It was a classic case of "love at first sight", and I hadn't even set a foot in the village yet.

I had a lovely rustic old house up on the hill over-looking the village. I was the lucky first "tourist" to stay in that former home turned into a rent house. How I got it? I insisted at the POS tourist board for a cheaper house to rent.
"My" house was surrounded with all kinds of fruit trees: mango, pawpaw, lime, almond, passion fruit, coconut, you name it, I had it! I was in heaven!
Before long I had made lots of friends. I heard: "Awright Helene?" all around.
So many fond memories of that first trip of many to this island. I loved going fishing on the high sea with my friend Pash and his boat. Was never successful though but it was a fun time.

Back then it was the "end of the line".
Unfortunately those peaceful years are long gone...
Over the years, I have returned many times, each time it was getting more touristy.

Last time I returned, my favorite spot to get my peanut punch (delicious punch made with peanut butter) had turned into a internet shop/fishing tours owned by a couple of Austrians. The tourists (mainly Germans and Austrians) had bought land and built hotels, coffee shops, bars, internet cafes......

"My" village wasn't a sleepy fishing village but a bustling tourist "ghetto" (like a friend says) like the rest of the island.
It's all good for the local economy but not for me....so I'm on the look-out for another "sleeping" village I can make myself at home.
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JijiN3k0 said...

Hi Eleni! Your photos are really gorgeous! You are so right about Tobago. It is getting very touristy and not traditional anymore. Too many American-type bars and restaurants, not that that is a bad thing but I think American people would like to come to Tobago to get away from their typical lives.

I noticed there is no option to follow your blog, is that possible? Hope you will follow my blog also!