Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My very first post ever!

Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare, Ireland

I'm new here so I thought I would start out with answering a little questionnaire.

Here it goes:

  • Initially I wanted to be...an air stewardess.

  • My favorite music is... reggae.

  • My favorite movie is...Pulp Fiction.

  • My favorite TV shows are...Alf, Weeds and Spaced.

  • My favorite food is...Caribbean food like buljol with coconut bake.

  • I am most irritated by.....waiting for ages in the wrong queue.

  • A current major influence is...Sebastiao Delgado. ( a documentary photog)

  • For me, an influential thinker of the past was....Ghandi.

  • I get the greatest pleasure from...dark chocolate!

  • I am most uncomfortable when...my clothes are wet.

  • My biggest phobia is...spiders.

  • The trait is most dislike about myself is...I'm way too sensitive.

  • The trait I most dislike in others is....lack of respect.

  • My best feature is....to be able to make others laugh.

  • I wish I could...fly.

  • My greatest regret is...I don't have regrets. What is done is done and I must make the most of what is out there.

  • My fondest memory is....Christmas in the Rainbow hostel in Doolin, co. Clare, Ireland.

  • If reincarnated I would choose to return as ...a pampered cat.

  • My most treasured possessions are...in my head.

  • My favorite country to live in is...The Fiji Islands, without a doubt.

  • The quality I most like in a man is....a good sense of humour and adventure.

  • The purpose of life is...who knows?


focusfinder said...

Good start, E.

Welcome to blogland. So much easier than web site management.

Cheers, B.

Eleni said...

Cheers Peter. Just checked Flickr and my name is " Eleni Photography" and not "Eleniphotos" like I might have told u in the email.
Helene X